Blue Mountain Eagle Climbing Club
Membership Application & Profile

Thank you for your interest in BMECC. We are excited to have you as a new member. If you are a returning member, thank you for renewing your membership. Memberships expire December 31 of each year.

To become a member, please complete this Membership & Interest Form and mail the email confirmation with a check payable to "BMECC" at:

Attn: Membership Chair
P. O. Box 14982 
Reading, PA 19612

Membership Fees are:

  • Individual ... $12.00 / year 
  • Family ... $15.00 / year
  • Junior (17 & under) ... $3.00 / year
  • Life ... $300.00 (per individual)
Dues are payable on application and on January 1st of each year (except Life Members who pay only once). Note: New members joining after June 30th, pay only one half the annual dues rate for the first year.

WAIVER: I fully understand that by participating in these physical activities I am exposing myself to certain risks. I accept full responsibility for my own health and safety. I will not hold The Blue Mountain Eagle Climbing Club, the activity leader, the property owner, or other participants responsible for my health or safety. Junior Membership must include signature of parent or legal guardian.

Member / Parent / Legal Guardian Signature _______________________________

Spouse Signature ________________________________

If you have any questions about membership not answered on this form, please email

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